Il prossimo ThinkINChina è sul cinema indipendente cinese

In by Simone

With Tyra Diez and Edorado Gagliardi
@ The Bridge Cafe, Rm8, BLDG 12, Chengfu Lu, Beijing


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Oxhide , by Liu Jiayin

West of the Tracks , by Wang Bin

Taking Father Home, by Ying Liang

Bumming in Beijing, by Wu Wenguang, 1990

Tiananmen Square, by SWYC, 1991

I´ve graduted, Shi Jian, by SWYC, 1992

The other shore, by Jiang Yue, 1995

1966: My time in the red guard, by Wu Wenguang, 1993

Limits of the earth, by Duan Jinchuan, 1997

Demolition and reubication, by Zhang Yuan, 1998

Public Spaces, by Jia Zhangke, 2000

Street Life, by Zhao Dayong, 2006

Fengming: A Chinese Memoir, by Wang Bing, 2007

60, by Zhang Ming, 2009

Disorder, by Huang weikai, 2009